Bircher & Bircher Music - Religious Services

“Music expresses that which can not be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” –Victor Hugo

From the joyous to the contemplative, live music enhances the mood of any sacred service. Bircher & Bircher Music respects the diversity of religious traditions and we are careful to ensure that our music is always high quality, tasteful and appropriate to the occasion.

I can always count on Craig and Mary to provide wonderful music that enhances our worship service. They are consummate professionals who come prepared and are willing to be flexible. They work hard to provide music that fits the liturgical season or mood of the service. I highly recommend them for your musical event.
- Barbara Carlsen, Kountze Memorial Lutheran Musical Director

I do not hesitate in any way to recommend Craig and Mary Bircher. Their repertoire and performance will fit any occasion and if the service is in a church setting, they add immeasurably to the worship experience.
- Carlos D. Schneider, Senior Pastor Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church